Professionally known as RM, Kim Nam-joon is a South Korean rapper, singer and record producer. He is also known as the leader of the boy group BTS. His rap style is defined by the use of strong lyrics and catchy melodies. His popularity in the music industry has been fueled by His self-sacrifice, which has earned him many fans worldwide. The popularity of his music is undoubtedly on the rise.


RM’s IQ is 148. This is very high considering that he did well in the TOEIC exam at age 15, when he was only in middle school. Although he has not studied abroad, he has shown his high IQ through his academic achievements. He has also appeared on several TV channels and solved various logical reasoning problems. Before joining BTS, he was an underground rapper and went by the stage name Runch Randa.

His IQ score is well above average, according to the test he took during junior high. RM took a standardized test of English for foreign speakers, or TOEIC, to test his English language skills. The score he achieved was 850 out of 990. This score is extremely high, as most adults cannot attain this level even with extensive formal education. And it is no wonder that he has so much fun studying.

In the BTS episode “Run! BTS,” RM demonstrated his IQ skills again. He was able to save his team by solving puzzles and completing a mission. He even solved the last two locked lockers in an escape room. It only took him minutes to figure out the puzzles. That’s an impressive feat. RM’s IQ is so high that even the hosts were impressed!

RM was a part of the variety show “Problem Men” in his childhood. His cast members were a group of hot-minded men who later became BTS. His love of people is genuine and his message is to love oneself and make the world a better place. It is amazing how a single person can do so much for the world. The show is on SBS tonight at 8:55 PM, Korean Time.

RM’s love of poetry, art, and music was evident at an early age. His interest in all three has continued to grow as an adult. He has used all three of these in his music. During his V Live sessions, he explained the hidden meanings in the songs and lyrics. Clearly, RM is an extremely intelligent person. If he can do this, it’s not surprising that he’s one of the most talented and successful artists on the planet.

While it is not possible to pinpoint RM’s IQ, he has many positive traits. He is a philosopher and fluent in English. He also serves as an interpreter during interviews. His words of wisdom can be found here. You can also check out his Words of Wisdom. RM is also known as the “God of Destruction” because he breaks things with his hands. While there’s no doubt that his IQ is very high, he has many positive characteristics that make him a fascinating figure to watch.

His self-sacrifice

The biographical language of His self-sacrifice is rich with symbolic elements and reflects the poetic quality of Sakalava spirit possession. The story’s temporal recognitions and explanatory templates serve as markers for an ideological process. The poets’ language of sacrifice and its symbolic implications are both ancient and contemporary. But how do these two elements interact? Which embodies the true essence of sacrifice?

The story of Sydney Carton shows how this concept can be applied to other types of sacrifice. In this case, the self-sacrificer sacrifices his life so that others can live. While the self-sacrificer is unlikely to have any chance of surviving and reproducing, the benefactor enjoys great fulfillment. For Sydney Carton, self-sacrifice is a form of generosity.

But Christianity faces a problem with self-sacrifice. Its premises make it difficult for Christians to maintain a free spirit while loving God. For instance, powerful critics hold that love negates life and renunciation implies that love is not self-affirming. So, if a soul desires communion with God, it must deny all things, even God. Then, it can no longer pasture desires against the mountain. That’s because desires are things other than God. God is the only thing that can cease desire.

Tarkovsky’s last film, The Sacrifice, also has a self-sacrifice subject, Alexander. He sacrifices his son, his house, and contact with his family. The definition of self-sacrifice is somewhat ambiguous, but Tarkovsky’s film is a prime example of it. In his film, Alexander sacrifices his house to God in order to save his son.

Alexander’s sacrifice was symbolic. Zizek and Moliterno argue that Alexander’s sacrifice doesn’t change symbolic order, but rather confirms it, sustains the powers that be, and enables unprecedented freedom. But these critics argue that the sacrifice does not change the symbolic order. Rather, it reinforces the status quo. Thus, the symbolism of Alexander’s sacrifice remains unchanged.

His solo career

The rise of hip-hop music in Korea has given Kim Nam-joon a wide range of musical influences. He first developed a love for the genre when he was 11, after hearing the song “Fly” by Epik High in fifth grade. After being exposed to the lyricism of Eminem, he quickly learned the importance of songwriting and began composing his own music. His first rap track, “Change,” was released as a free digital download two weeks after its release.

Although Kim Nam-joon is still a member of BTS, he is currently pursuing a solo career as an artist. The former BTS member has released two solo albums – Rap Monster (in English) and Mono (in Korean), both of which are available on various streaming services. Although he’s mainly known as a member of the BTS group, he’s pursuing his solo career in a big way.

Born in Soul, the talented rapper began his solo career by releasing a video for his single “Do You.” The video is an elegant representation of his ability to rap in an incredibly simple black and white aesthetic. In addition to his rapping abilities, Kim Nam-joon has worked with many artists. He has also appeared in several television shows. This career has given him a wide variety of fans, and he’s not even close to reaching his potential yet.

In March, Namjoon teased a new clip from “RM 2” promoting the album’s title track, “Seoul”. The song is an upbeat, atmospheric hip-hop track. Namjoon and BTS have also created a self-love campaign, “Love Myself.” Their three albums with the title Love Yourself have paralleled one another. And in late September, Namjoon gave a speech promoting the importance of self-love.

In addition to his solo career, Kim Nam-joon is pursuing a dance career, taking English classes, and studying the art of songwriting. He also plans to make a solo album. A new track called “Winter Flower” will be released on January 6, 2020, and a solo album by eAeon is expected in April 2021. RM is a huge fan of art, and has a devoted Instagram account with over 5 million followers.

In addition to his BTS activities, Kim Nam-joon’s passion for art and nature has led to numerous artistic collaborations. During his student years, he was regarded as a quiet and neat student, but his IQ was quite high, sitting at 148. His TOEIC score, meanwhile, was over 900. He was also active in writing poetry as a student, and received moderate attention through his poetry website. His interest in literature developed during his school days.

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